is designed to help you manage your brevets and permanents so that you don't have to repeatedly key in rider details, hand generate dozens of brevet cards, or use spreadsheets to track rider lists or results.

  • Maintain Routes including links to GPS files, cue sheets, and enough information to generate brevet cards.
  • Maintain Events including enough information to generate brevet cards and rider lists.
  • Maintain a frequent rider list for your region which is kept synchronized with the RUSA members list.
  • Print rider lists and brevet cards.
  • Automatically identify when a rider's membership is due to expire before an event.
  • Send event related emails to all registered riders.
  • Submit event results to RUSA.
There are two types of users...
  • RBAs: An administrator can create an RBA user for the official RBA of a region. An RBA user has access to all routes and events in their region and can create Route Owners in their region. RBAs who want to use this site should email the administrator to request a logon.
  • Owners: An RBA can create Route Owners in their region who can create routes and organize events for those routes. Note that a route can only be accessed by its Owner, the RBA, or the Administrator. If a person organizes events in multiple regions they will have to ask the RBA in each region to create a distinct Owner logon for each of those regions. Route owners who want to use this site should contact their RBA.
At this time BrevetManager does not support multiple users with the same email address. You cannot be the RBA for multiple regions or be an RBA in one region and a route owner in another region unless you use seperate email addresses and passwords. I am working on supporting this feature in the future.

Gaining Access
Before you can use the features of this site you must logon by clicking the "Logon" link above.
All users must provide a valid email address to which they have access prior to being granted access to this site. Note: This site does not support self-registration.

Offical RBAs in the list on this page can gain access by emailing the site administrator. Your email and region will match the information in the list. The administrator will assign your password.

Route Owners can be added once the RBA account has been established. Route owners should contact their RBA with the email address they want to register with. The RBA will be able to create a new account in their region for the route owner. The administrator does not need to be involved.

Terms of Use
This site is free to use. I will never charge to use this site. All information provided by users is kept strictly confidention and will never be sold or provided to third parties. This site is provided for use as-is and no warranty of performance, reliability, or functionality is given. The administrator of this site accepts no liability for loss resulting from using this site. The official RUSA list of RBAs will always be used to determine access to this site. If RUSA changes the official RBA for a region, this site's security will be updated as soon as possible to reflect that change. The administrator reserves the right to deny access to any user at any time for abuse of the application.